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5 Common Stabilizers and Parfum Bases

Cologne elements incorporate various ingredients and compounds. These organic and synthetic ingredients are important to make the different fragrances for the perfume. The major perfume ingredients are split into several categories, including synthetic perfumes, essential oils, bases and stabilizers.

Cologne is made using a fragrance and base chemical substance. The perfume element makes up 25 to 50% of your cologne and relies on synthetic fragrances or essential oils. The base of the fragrance may possibly account for 35 to 75% of your parfum. This is made up with a liquid solution like normal water or alcohol. A fragrance could also include a stabilizer agent to help maintain the perfume and prevent the breakdown of compounds.

Right here are some of the main cologne bases and stabilizers:

Ethyl Alcohol

A large proportion of the fragrances available in the market incorporate a foundation of ethyl alcohol (also called pure alcohol or ethanol). The base element is known for its ability to vaporize rapidly. It is very successful at holding the cologne ingredient and will very easily dissolve in the skin. Also, it has an natural alternate named denatured alcohol.

Benzyl Benzoate

Benzyl benzoate (also called benzyl alcohol or benzoic acid) is a very common stabilizer or fixative in a long list of colognes. It is naturally found from lots of types of plants. After the ingredient is put into the perfume component, it can benefit to enhance the quality of stability. Benzyl benzoate is reliable at retaining the scent profile and can ensure the scent stays identical for quite a while.


The phthalates ingredient (often known as diethyl phthalate) is yet another of the stabilizers used in perfume. This is a very common element in parfum and will attribute in about 65% on the colognes available in the market. It truely does work similar to benzyl benzoate so helping to protect the fragrance profile in the cologne.

Distilled Water

Water put into cologne is certain to undergo a distillation process to help with eliminating minerals or compounds that may affect the quality of the stability or aroma profile. Distilled water can be listed on the parfum package as aqua and makes up a large percentage of the perfumes content.

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